A Short Summer #1

To challenge myself during the summer, my plan is to read more short stories and blog something that I liked about them. It’s easy to accidentally spoil shorter works, but I’ll try not to do that. Feel free, however, to discuss in the comments.

Today’s story was “Our Fate, Told in Photons” by K.W. Colyard. As a child, oral traditions surrounding the Pleiades constellation always fascinated me, particularly those that centered on the sisters in the stars. Colyard does a beautiful job of meshing the often-aching dynamics of sisterhood against the question of a legacy that is an accident of birth.

Quote I particularly liked: “But the idea of immortality, the drive toward it, is part of the human experience. When someone tells you that your blood, your bone and grit and stardust, has the chance to live past the end of forever? You either latch onto that, or you run screaming from it.”


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