2021 Awards Eligibility Post

This year, I ventured into the world of short story writing. I’ve focused much of my effort on flash fiction, stories of 1000 words or less, in part to refine skills that I use in my place of employment. However, I’ve also found it both challenging and rewarding to tell stories with very few words.

Thus far, I have two stories that are eligible for awards – “Chocolate,” which was published in Daily Science Fiction, and “The Restless Bed,” published in Every Day Fiction. If you’re reading this, enjoyed the story “Chocolate,” and happen to be a Nebula voter, please consider giving it a vote on the Nebula reading list here.

There are many, many wonderful stories that were published this year in speculative fiction. To find more eligibility posts, I also suggest you check out Cat Rambo’s blog as she does a great post every year that rounds up several of them in one place.


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