After Wheel of Time

the-wheel-of-time-daniel-henneyNow that the first season of the TV show has wrapped up, I’m going to reread and blog about the Wheel of Time fantasy series with my friend and fellow author, DL (Dianne) Gardner. We’ve been talking to each other regularly after each episode and thought that this would be an entertaining way to refresh ourselves on the parts of the books that we’ve both forgotten. As she and I have very different favorite characters and parts of the series, it’ll be fun seeing where we differ.

I have a lot of mixed feelings about the television show, but feel as if I really ought to do a reread before diving fully into writing out a critique of show versus movie. In many ways, I consider the book and the series completely different turnings of the Wheel… some aspects I enjoy more in the show, but others not so much.

Check out her blog to see what Dianne’s thinking so far. As the holidays (and this glorious Pacific Northwest snow!) have us busy with family and friends, I imagine we’ll start posting after the New Year. Off to catch up!

[IMAGE: Photograph of Lan, portrayed by Daniel Henney, who is one of my favorite characters, both book and series, thus far.]

Making Believe

Season 1 Book and Show review

Cover Art | The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan (E-book ...

My good friend and blogger-partner Gwen Whiting and I have been discussing Wheel of Time. The show has left some unsettled questions, questions we can’t even ask until we go back and review the book. I just don’t have the memory it takes to recall the series of events in the story. So after episode 8, you’ll find us talking about the books, and comparing them somewhat to the show.

We aren’t going to do this to be highly critical of the adaption, but rather to add our own opinions because, like I said before, the series leaves the reader with a certain possessiveness. These characters are ours, you know. They played upon our emotions, our hearts, for so long they became ours.

Light and bloody ashes, you’re talking at least three months of abduction!

I’ve already started reading again and had forgotten…

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