Gwen Whiting

Gwen Whiting has always regarded the deep rainforest of the Olympic Peninsula as the one place she feels most at home. Gwen grew up in small towns across the Pacific Northwest, going to slug races and strawberry festivals when she wasn’t scribbling on any scrap of paper she could come by. She boasts the dubious distinction of going to a public school with only eight students, learning Irish sea chanteys from a teacher who sang with the Clancy Brothers, and catching tadpoles during classes.

Her adult life is just about as much fun.

When Gwen Whiting isn’t writing speculative fiction, she’s spending time with her family, reading a history book, or visiting museums. She is currently collaborating with her husband James on a series of fantasy novels about a cursebreaker and her feline companion. Gwen is also a proud associate member of SFWA.

Friend her on Facebook at @gwendolynlwhiting or Twitter at gwen_whiting. Email can reach her at graeae AT gmail.com.