(Writing) 11 September

A young child laughing at a street performer who is posing as an invisible man.
Astonished, my child laughs at a street performer in Rome, 2018.
My mood today.

Well, my writing streak of second round holds, followed by rejections, is still holding thus far with my recent rejection from Diabolical Plots. The rejection letter was so lovely that it’s hard to feel too hurt about it – there wasn’t a bad note in the entirety of the letter. This particular story is going to be a hard sell to any market (it revolves around a dying infant), but it’s close to the heart and so I’ll keep on sending it out.

I find that a lot of my writing revolves around familial relationships and dynamics. No surprise, given that I’ve been a mother not that much less than I’ve been alive.

There are still two pieces of my work on second round and a handful of others that I’ve not heard back on yet. (Once a work gets rejected, back out it goes! Sometimes after some revising, but not always.)

In other news, I’ve just been accepted into Cat Rambo’s Short Story Workshop! Cat is a wonderful teacher and I’m very happy to be studying with them in a more sustained and intensive workshop. I joke that the pandemic pushed me to design my own MFA program in writing speculative fiction, but there is really is some truth to it. There are many more opportunities that I’ve become aware of since being at home most of the time, and more opening up every day. I do selfishly hope that these online classes and workshops continue, even after life returns to whatever normal looks like then.


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